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In order to receive the training services that we provide, a company must complete the online registration form, insuring that they follow the established criteria.  The registration process will assist to open the door to information technology, manufacturing technology, and workforce training designed to meet or exceed the needs of Alabama industries and it's affiliates at the Montgomery Regional Workfoce Training Center (MRWTC).  Once a company is registered as a client, they will have access to the course catalog and also have the ability to register for available courses.

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The criteria for being a client of MRWTC is as follows:

  • A client must be an "Alabama Company". An "Alabama Company" is defined as a company that legally meets all state requirements and is engaged in the industries targeted by the MRWTC.
  • Alabama Company Affiliate: An "Alabama Company Affiliate" is a company physically located outside of Alabama that has a sister company located within the state and defined as an Alabama company.
  • Only Plant Manager, Superintendent, HR Managers, Training Managers, or Maintenance Managers can register the company and enroll students for training, unless prior approval from the MRWTC Manager has been obtained.  At a minimum, each company should designate a "Company Official Contact Person", and an alternate.
  • MRWTC confirmation of successful company/client registration via email or phone call within 5 working days (except during holidays)
  • A company may only register once.


Course Offering Phase

All scheduled courses are offered at nominal or no cost to Alabama companies or their affiliate.  The training will be offered on a first come/first serve basis.  Companies can only register a maximum of two trainees per course, per availability.  It is the company official responsibility to insure that all prerequisites are met.  In some instances, proof may be required. In the event a class is filled to capacity, the trainee will be placed on a waiting list and will be contacted if an opening becomes available for the class.

Course Cancellation and Substitution

The company may cancel it's course registration no later than 10 days prior to class by contacting the MRWTC or cancelling the student through our online registration program.  Substitutions are permitted up to 10 days prior to class by calling or emailing the MRWTC. Substitutions can also be changed in our online system. There will be NO walk-in substitutions. 

Note: Because this training is offered at nominal or no cost, if you do not cancel within 10 days prior to class starting or attend the scheduled training, you will be removed from the training database.

Dress Attire

Students are REQUIRED to wear work attire to attend class.  Students are not allowed to wear tank tops, shorts, or open toe shoes to class. Open toe shoes may be permitted in Workforce Skills Training Courses only. Students who do not comply with this rule will be excused from their class until the proper attire is worn.  At that time, they will be readmitted to class.

Click here for instructions on becoming a client.

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Before you can register your students for classes, you must first become a registered client. To register as a client, click on this button

Sign up to be a Client 

Complete the registration form and submit. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration by clicking on the furnished link. Once you have confirmed your registration, the MRWTC administrative staff will be notifed and your requets wll be reviewed. When your request is accepted, you will receive a welcome email. You will then be able to log into the website to register your employees for available classes.

MRWTC Brochure

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