Basic Precision Measurement

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Course Objective

Participants will learn the proper way to use and care for various measuring tools to include but not limited to standard micrometers, calipers and indicators. Utilization of basic math skills will be used to quality check actual parts for accuracy.


                        A.  INTRODUCTION

                        B.  STEEL RULES

  1. Fractional-Inch Rule
  2. Review of Reducing Fractions
  3. Decimal-Inch Rule
  4. Metric Rule

                         C.   USING STEEL RULES

  1. Care of the Rule

                         D.   HOOKED RULES

                         E.  MEASURING TAPES

  1. Types and Sizes
  2. Markings

                         F.  HELPER MEASURING TOOLS

  1. Outside Calipers
  2. Inside Calipers


                         G.  INCH MICROMETERS

  1. Parts of the Micrometer
  2. Reading the Micrometer

                         H.  METRIC MICROMETERS

  1. Barrel Reading
  2. Micrometer Adjustments
  3. Care of the Micrometer
  4. Inside Micrometer
  5. Depth Micrometer

                          I.  DIGITAL MICROMETERS

  1. How to Use the Digital Micrometer
  2. Proper Care of the Digital Micrometer

                          J.  INCH DIAL-CALIPERS

                         K.  PLUG GAUGE (GO/NO-GO GAUGE)

  1. Dimensions on Part to Gauge
  2. GO Plug
  3. NOGO Plug
  4. Rejects
  5. Let’s Examine How the Concept Comes Together 
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Certification Offered
Course Length
8 hours
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Course Cost
Lunch provided

In this class, participants will be introduced to precision measurement tools commonly used in an industrial environment.  Participants will cover the basic use and purpose of precision measurement tools, such as the micrometer, steel rule, and caliper.

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