Hand Tools

Course Number
A-HT 101
Course Objective


Student/trainee will identify, gain basic knowledge and understanding of hand tools as applied to the machine shop and machining, as well as proper use and care of them.


1. Clamping devises – types, selection, use, and care

2. Pliers – varieties, application, use, and care

3. Wrenches – types, selection, use, and care

4. Screw drivers – styles, selection, use, and care

5. Hammers – types, selection, proper use, and care

6. Chisels – styles, use, and care

7. Hacksaw – application, proper use, blade selection, and care

8. Files – types, use, care, and storage

9. Reamers – proper use and care

10. Taps and tapping – styles, selection, proper use, and care

11. Thread dies – application and proper use

12. Polishing – purpose, types of abrasive, and instruction

13. Evaluation

Course Prerequisite
Certification Offered
Course Length
4 hours
Max Attendee
Minimum Attendee
Course Owner
Course Cost
Lunch provided

This class is designed to give general awareness of common machine shop hand tools.  It will cover the importance of selecting and using the correct tool for the job and how to use it safely.

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