Cutting Speeds and Feeds

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Course Objective


To provide students/trainees with the guidance and training to figure speeds and feeds for the milling machine, lathe, and drill press as applicable to our equipment and materials used; and to have the basic knowledge and understanding to apply these principles to other processes in the job environment.


1. What are Speeds and Feeds?

2. Figuring Speeds
a. use of charts for cutting foot speed
b. formulas
c. doing the math

3. Figuring Feeds
a. using charts for feeds
b. formulas
c. doing the math

4. Review and Practice

5. Evaluation

Course Prerequisite
Certification Offered
Course Length
12 hours
Max Attendee
Minimum Attendee
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Course Cost
Lunch provided

Learning what speeds and feeds are and to properly calculate them using prescribed formulas as given in the course books and related materials, in relation to the machine shop as applied to lathes, milling machines, and drilling for specific materials. 

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