Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal Communication Outline

I.          What is effective communication?

            A.         Defining communication

            B.        Four facets of communication

            C.        Shared language and symbols

II.         How do we communicate?

            A.         Speech

            B.        Writing

            C.        Non-verbal language

III.        Choosing the best medium for communication

            A.         One on one

            B.        Presentations

            C.        Letter, memo, note

            D.        E-mail

            E.        Voice mail

IV.        Barriers to communication

            A.         Unclear process

            B.        Chain of command

            C.        Size of organization

            D.        Personal limitations

            E.        Human nature

            F.         Conflicting feelings, goals, opinions

            G.        Power

V.         Sharing ideas

            A.         When do you share your ideas?

            B.        Obstacles to sharing ideas

            C.        SHARE model

VI.        The power of listening

            A.         Active listening

            B.        Asking questions

            C.        Getting good information

            D.        FOCUS on information model

VII.       Getting and giving feedback

            A.         What is feedback?

            B.        When to give feedback

            C.        Obstacles to constructive feedback

VIII.      Body language

            A.         Types of body language

            B.        Face, figure, focus, territory, tone, time

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4 hours
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Lunch provided

The learning objective of this module is to help participants become better communicators. We seek to introduce participants to a wide array of perspectives on interpersonal communication and encourage them to enlarge their understanding of the practice of effective interpersonal communication to improve relationships.

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