Facilitation Skills

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Course Objective

The learning objective of this module is to provide commonly used facilitation tolls that will make meetings earier and more productive.  Participants will identify competencies linked to effective small group facilitation and practive applying the competencies in a brief presentation.

Facilitation Skills Outline

  1. Understanding facilitation
    1. What is facilitation?
    2. What is the difference between “content” and “process”
  1. Functions of a facilitator
    1. Encourage full participation
    2. Promote mutual understanding
    3. Stay neutral and on track
    4. Foster solutions
    5. Teach new skills
    6. Listening actively
  1. Types of questions
    1. Closed-end questions
    2. Open-ended questions
    3. Probing questions
    4. Questioning do’s and don’ts
  1. Common facilitation techniques
    1. Stay neutral on content
    2. Listen actively
    3. Ask questions
    4. Paraphrase to clarify
  1. Data Analysis and Decision Making
  1. Giving and receiving feedback
    1. General principle of good feedback
    2. The eight-step feedback process
  1. Facilitating an open discussion
    1. Open discussion
    2. Participation formats
  1. Agendas
  1. Dealing with difficult dynamics
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4 hours
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