Business Communication

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The learning objective of this module is to learn the value of good written communication.  Participants will learn how to write so their message is clear concise, complete and correct.  They will understand the proper format for memos, reports, and electronic communication

Business Communication Outline

I.          Business writing

A.         Why write?

B.        Five C’s of business writing

1.         Writing clearly

2.         Writing concisely

3.         Writing completely

4.         Writing correctly

5.         Writing with courtesy

II.         Grammar

A.         Sentences and sentence types

B.        Punctuation

C.        SEA formula

            1.         Situation

            2.         Explanation

            3.         Action

D.        Focus statements

E.        Writing business letters

F.         Writing reports

III.        Netiquette

A.         Ten practices of business email

B.        Parts of an email

C.        Guidelines for email messages

1.         Draft

2.         Organize

3.         Revise

D.        Email etiquette

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4 hours
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Lunch provided

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