Workforce Challenges

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The learning objective of this module is to help participants deal with common workforce challenges relating to stress management, handling change and time management.  Each of these challenges is common in most teams on an almost continual basis.  Participants will increase their ability to make the most of these challenges so they become a benefit rather than a negative.

Workforce Challenges Outline

I.          Stress Management

            A.         How does stress affect us?

            B.        What is stress about?

            C.        Stress and time

            D.        The stress tax

            E.        Managing stress

            F.         Stress and gender

            G.        Taking care of your body and mind

            H.        Stress management strategies

            I.          Personal action plan

II.         Change Management

            A.         Introduction

            B.        The importance of attitude

            C.        The change process

            D.        The pace of change

            E.        Reactions to change

            F.         Responsibility of managing change

            G.        Resistance to change

            H.        Key factors in successful change

            I.          Strategies for dealing with change

III.        Time Management

            A.         Developing a personal productivity philosophy

            B.        Learning to plan

            C.        Organizing your work area and your paperwork

            D.        Working effectively with technology

            E.        Managing projects

            F.         Effective use of meeting time

            G.        Removing obstacles

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4 hours
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Lunch provided

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