Workplace Behavior

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Workplace Behavior Outline

  1. Personality style inventory
    1. Origins of personality style
    2. Self-assessment
    3. Personality traits
    4. Dealing with different personality types
  1. Diversity
    1. What is diversity?
    2. What is included?
    3. Why is it an advantage?
    4. Differences
      1. Obvious
      2. Not-so obvious
  2. Impacts on business initiative
  3. Benefits of diversity
  4. Barriers to diversity
  5. Managing diversity
  1. Workplace etiquette
    1. What is workplace etiquette?
    2. What is included?
    3. Do’s and don’ts
      1. Do clean up after yourself
      2. Don’t be loud
      3. Don’t complain
      4. Don’t be a “chatty patty”
  2. Office etiquette
    1. Dress appropriately
    2. Maintain good hygiene and grooming
  3. Telephone etiquette
    1. Be pleasant and smile when answering the phone
    2. Don’t answer cell phone calls during a meeting
  4. Email etiquette
    1. Don’t send an email when a call is appropriate
  1. Conflict management
    1. Facts about conflict
    2. Conflict management styles
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Course Length
4 hours
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Lunch provided

The learning objective of this course is to help participants learn how to collaborate with others. By understanding personality styles, diversity, work place ethics and managing conflict, participants will learn how teams work together instead of against each other and the difference teamwork makes in the success of a company.

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